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Prepaid debit cards are gaining popularity over traditional banking and credit companies, and leading the way is a company known as MyPrepaidCenter.

The official MyPrepaidCenter card allows users to make purchases everywhere in the U.S. where the American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover logo is accepted and is considered one of the best-prepaid debit options available.

MyPrepaidCenter Activate Gift Card Instructions

Once you receive your free prepaid debit card, you must visit to use your card at select myprepaidcenter merchants.

  • Official MyprepaidCenter website here.
  • You will need your card on hand because you are required to enter the account number, expiration date, and pin code
  • Users select Card Activation on the menu bar
  • Enter your Gift Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code, and Click Login activate

www. offers many features to help users manage their prepaid cards. Some of these include:

  • Viewing card balance and transaction history
  • Reloading the card with funds
  • Troubleshooting common issues
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card

Have a new Gift Card?

If you are a new prepaid center and want to redeem your myprepaidcenter debit card, you will want to set up an official account to check your balance, redeem codes, set up transaction alerts, and more.

MyPrepaidCenter Login Instructions:

MyPrepaidCenter login is a user-friendly online platform providing convenient access to manage prepaid and gift cards. By logging in, users can check their card balances, view transaction history, and update their account information, making it a seamless and efficient way to keep track of their prepaid card activities.

  1. Users begin by going to the official MyPrepaidCenter portal
  2. Enter your identification and cardholder information into the login boxes.
  3. Choose a Username and Email address.
  4. Choose a security question and answer
  5. Enter a password and confirmation.
  6. Choose the alert notification language you prefer (English, Spanish, or French)
  7. Once completed, click Create Profile

Check Your Balance Online at

You can use your My Prepaid Center debit card anywhere except for ATMs and gas pumps.

The provider has teamed up with a long list of popular members, stores, and services that even offer you 5% back on purchases. You can also swipe as a credit card, not a debit card.

However, note that some are accepted virtually anywhere while others are only accepted at a few select official myprepaidcenter merchants.

Active Your Card at: required

  • Members gain access to recent transactions on their account, including the myprepaidcenter balance and transaction history, when they browse the MyCards page
  • Manage your security pin.
  • Request to view a 30-day transaction history if needed.
  • Users can locate nearby ATMs where accepted (if applicable)
  • Enhance security by signing up for transaction texts/email alerts
  • Sign up to receive promotional offers and updates, including 5% back on every purchase
  • Protect your financial information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which scrambles or encrypts any information that you submit through the website
  • Use the Contact Us page on the website to contact Customer Services if needed

Need Help with Your Account Recovery

If you’re having trouble logging in to, here are a few steps you can try:

  1. Check your username and password to make sure they’re correct
  2. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies
  3. Make sure you’re using a supported browser

If you have forgotten your member username, password, or security pin, please visit here to reset your password.

How to report your Gift Card lost or stolen: 877-227-0956

If your card has been lost or stolen, it’s important to report the issue immediately. provides a simple process for reporting a lost or stolen card, and they can help you get a replacement card quickly and easily.

How to get MyPrePaidCenter Replacement Cards?

To get a replacement prepaid Mastercard, you must be able to provide Cardholder Services with the 16-digit number from the card.

You must also call the specific Gift card Services number on your card.

Hot tip. Please take a photo of the front and back of your credit card when it arrives. This way, you can provide the information needed to receive a replacement card.

Is it Better Than Traditional Banks?

According to an article on the Business Insider website, millions of users use prepaid Visa and MasterCard to ensure financial stability.

Prepaid center card options are becoming the leading commodity for Millennials and Generation X users.

In 2012, the industry generated billions, not millions, of dollars in volume, and each year the volume promises to be higher. Myprepaidcenter is taking the lead in the financial world. Banks and major financial industries are considering offering options as alternatives to checking or debit options to customers who do not qualify for traditional credit companies’ requirements. If you are comparing Visa offers, we have reviewed the best-prepaid debit cards available.

Consumers can expect a free MyPrepaidCenter MasterCard in the mail within a week or two after activating their original card through the online portal.

For more information on prepaid center card services and products or with help setting up an online account, consumers can visit for further instructions.

Blackhawk Network

The parent company of the MyPrepaidCenter card provides more than just financial services.

Blackhawk Network has received a long list of rewards for various company areas, including customer service, content marketing, innovation, best mobile app, international business, and emerging technology.

Winner of multiple awards

They even have multiple awards and honorable mentions for the most influential women in business, usually noting the company’s president and CEO, Talbott Roche.

Myprepaidcenter creates innovative content: gift cards, themed gifting, digital entertainment, incentive cards, consumer rebate cards, and prepaid telecom.

It is no question that Myprepaidcenter is a strong, multifaceted company that has a high understanding of the wants and needs of the growing marketplace and is, therefore, a great company to partner with.

Customer Service Contact Info

Credit Card CompanySupport Phone Number
American Express888-900-2347

NOTE: We are not affiliated with the official MyPrepaidCenter website, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive personal information. We are merely a resource that provides information.


  1. No comment — only questions. Received Mastercard from from Ohio Electricity Litigation — How many times will this be reloaded? Explanation is partly understandable. Why can’t you just send a check for amount settled? Please answer.

  2. hi ,i have 3 gif prepaid visacards from nielsen scam but i cant activ it i did call the sistem say not acpr the number 1 to say yes .

  3. Unfortunately, I am unable to activate the Visa Prepaid card that I received from The site listed will not allow me to access your website. Please advise.

  4. I want to see where my visa card was used I spent 64.62 on a 150.00 card and it was taped out

  5. I need to see what transactions were made on my visa gift card. I’ve tried everything the website keeps looping around. I just want to see what transactions , amounts and dates and what was bought. is that even possible with these gift cards, if it is please let me know how. thank you.
    Dr. Suzan Zomber.

  6. I have tried to activate my 2 UPMC Visa cards have received these same cards for a few years with no problem tried to use at Home Depot Marshalls not accepted either time told to re activate still nothing. Please see if this problem can be resolved have been with UPMC for many years. Thank You Suzanne Penberthy Bellaire

  7. Every time I try to activate my virtual card with code given to me I do the test to show I’m not a robot and it keeps giving me an error. Therefore, I am not able to redeem virtual card.

  8. I tried to activate my Heartgard Plus Visa Prepaid debit Card but I kept getting message that the date was invalid. How do I go about activating the card? The date indicates “Valid thru 11/22.”

  9. I just used this card yesterday on the 2nd of June, and only spent $30.25 of the $200.00, so why is it saying I only have $1 and some change left. Today is only the 3rd and I haven’t even left home to spend any money. I would like for you to explain where the rest of the money went.

  10. I have received thousands of dollars in these gift cards for many , many years . Always has been easy to use . The new changes have done nothing but complicate their use to the point that I no longer will accept them . Huge step backwards .

  11. i have 7 prepaid cards and am unable to activate them. what should I do?

  12. Activating this card is impossible! I am sent all over the planet, and I cannot open the site. The card balance is not stated on the card, but I think it is less than ten dollars. I have spent OVER $10 of my time trying to get this activated. Just send me a check for ten dollars! If the check is perceived to be less secure than the credit card that is incorrect. I would prefer to have the product, Metacam, discounted to reflect the savings.

  13. I have three Verizon/ MasterCard Reward cards which expired 05/20, 01/20/ 02/20.
    The cards were never activated due to the Pandemic and the need to quarantee.
    Can they be activated?

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