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UPDATED  –  April 7, 2021:  With tax season in full swing, the one document that every worker needs when filing is their W-2 or 1095-C.

In 2021, many employers have begun using third party affiliates such as MyTaxForm to provide employees with electronic copies of their tax forms online especially when you are trying to pay your taxes online.

They make it easier for both employees and employers to view and reprint your 2019 tax forms with online access to your W2 and 1095-C.

For those who used before 2019, you can access your tax forms at MyTaxForm or W2Express.

How to Access MyTaxForm

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—  Visit and enter your Employer Name/Code*
—  Answer a series of personal questions to verify your identity
—  Create a username and password that is unique to you

*If you do not remember your Employer Code, click on the Find Employer Name below the Login button.

The employer code is given to each employee by the employer, so if you do not have success in finding it contact your HR department to get the correct code.

How to get your 2020 W2 tax form to pay taxes online

  • W2  – Receiving your W2 through provides instant access to your forms when you would otherwise have to wait and rely on the mail service. Electronic receipt of your W2 ensures that your documents won’t gets lost, damaged or stolen in the mail causing a delay in filing for taxes.
  • Update Your W2  – Individuals can update or correct personal information. This is not an option for every employer, so check with your HR department. But if it is allowed workers can change their name, status, withholdings, address, etc.
  • Reissue or Reprint  – If you happen to lose or damage your W-2, MyTaxForm lets users quickly receive a reissue of their form. Copies of your W2 can also be printed off.
  • Additional Features  – Some other features workers gain access to are: 24/7 customer service help desk, tax calculators, advice from a tax consultant, and deals for online tax preparation services like FreeTaxUSA and TurboTax.
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Creating your MyTaxForm login is easy. After your employer has decided to use the My Tax Form service employees will be required to set up an online account.

Employees can opt into receiving their W-2s electronically with after their first paycheck.

Once employees have opted in and created their account, they will no longer receive a paper version of their W2s during tax season, but they always have access to them on the website

If a W2 is lost or damaged, the employee can quickly gain access to their online account with MyTaxForm login and print another one off.

Also of note, if any changes need to be made, such as address, name, status, etc. this can also be done by signing into your account.

Trouble accessing your account

If you forgot your Username or Password, click here to Reset Your Password

NOTE: We are not an affiliate with You should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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