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DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service) are serving those people who are defending United States. The goal is to achieve responsibilities of fiscal and give proper guarantee to taxpayers the funds are credited in an appropriate manner.

They have been performing their duties with great passion to make accounting and financial functions of Defense stronger and better. If you are interested to become a register become on website to enjoy all associated benefits then follow given below guidelines.

What is MyPay.dfas?

It is an online portal that allows personnel and their families to manage their pay information, leave and earning statements, W-2’s and more. You can also get your pay and tax statements, and travel advice of payment using the online portal.

Delivery of W-2 forms is a little bit easier this year. All military and Defense Finance and Accounting Service civilian users who request or already have a myPay login id and personal identification number and access the website then you will automatically receive an electronic W-2.

The electronic method is now the primary means of delivery for all DFAS civilians and military users with a customized PIN.

Why should I use it?

The online portal allows active duty, National Guard and Reserve military members, civilian employees, and military retirees and annuitants to take charge of their pay accounts online with such services as:

View, print and save leave and earning statementsMP Banner
View and print tax statements
Change federal and state tax withholdings
Update bank account and electronic fund transfer information
Manage allotments
Edit address information
Purchase U.S. Savings Bonds
Control Thrift Savings Plan enrollment
View and print travel vouchers (features vary by armed service and status)
Tax statements available through the website are approved for use by the IRS. In addition to their earlier availability over mailed forms, tax statements posted to accounts available throughout the year.

Additionally, users can establish limited access passwords for family members and trusted caretakers or tax preparers to view and print tax statements. Limited access users are not permitted to make changes to the primary users account information. After logging in, go to Personal Settings to establish limited access passwords.

One of the many benefits of this system is avoiding risks associated with identity theft. The secure technology provided to myPay customers meets or exceeds security requirements in private industry worldwide.

Using the system to access tax statements eliminates the preparation and mailing costs incurred with the traditional distribution methods. Combined with the earlier availability of statements online, this makes it a better option for many customers including the Department of Defense.

Strong encryption and secure sockets layer technologies combined with user-unique access make it safe to use and protect personal information from unauthorized access.

Guidelines To Create An Account

  • First of all you have to turn on your computer system and open internet browser to add official URL of my pay in address bar.Instruction on how to access Mpay site
    Link of website is given here
  • Now that you have an account then you can simply sign in to your account by adding user id and password but if you don’t have any account then you have to make a request for temporary password.
  • Click on forgot or need new password option. Which will take you to another webpage.
  • Now add your social security number and click on button of
    “Yes” which is located at the right corner of webpage.
  • You have to select option of “Mail to my address of record with military retired” and click on button of “Send me password”
    to get a temporary password.
  • Now go to the home page of my Pay and click on button of “Create an Account” in order to get permanent password.
  • Input social security number along with temporary password in marked fields and click on button of “Accept”
  • It will allow you to create Log in ID and password in marked fields in order to make a secure account.
  • Furthermore, you have to select a security question and answer it accordingly. This will help you to reset your password in future.
    Click on button of “Submit” to finish this process of enrollment.

Updates to DFAS Mypay System:

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is making it easier to log into its online pay-management site and expanding access and services.

Beginning Saturday, the site will allow shorter passwords that expire less often, permit additional personnel to access their pay statements online and provide additional statements and options to certain personnel.

Passwords will have to be only nine characters long rather than 15, but they still need to contain a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. New passwords will expire every 150 days instead of 60.

Sailors and airmen will be able to add a second direct deposit account to their profiles, giving them another way to receive travel and miscellaneous payments.

Soldiers and airmen will also receive annual military compensation statements that give a rundown of pay and benefits received “to more accurately show what military service is worth,” according to Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

The update will give Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Junior ROTC instructors access to their leave and earnings statements online rather than by mail only.


All Branches
 Out of Service Debts (all services) 1-800-962-0648
Garnishment (all services) 1-888-332-7411

Note: We are not affiliated with with MyPay or DFAS, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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