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UPDATED:  November 7, 2018 – The DISH Network is one of the top satellite TV alternative providers to cable companies such as Comcast or streaming services like Hulu. The network delivers television, movies, live events, and more via a satellite connection.

If you have been streaming movies, TV, or sports using online services, you will be pleased with the broad range that offers. Keep in mind that installation of a small satellite dish is necessary to receive the signal.

The monthly fees for the basic service start at around $35 per month, which is $15 cheaper than DIRECTV. Paying your bill is as easy as visiting From your online account you will be able to view deals, change plans or add channels to your existing service.

Creating your MyDISH Account

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To begin creating your MyDish Login follow the instructions below.

—  Once on the homepage, you will see an option to “Login/Logout” at the very top of the page.  Click this to proceed to the login page
—  If you are a new user, click on the “Create Online ID” to the right of the login box
—  You will need your phone number or account number
—  After verifying your identity, you will be able to enter more personal information and create your username and password
—  Enter your username and password and click the “Log In” button.

Features of

Visit this link to view billing statements, make a payment online, update payment preferences and the ability to customize your services.

  • Adding premium channels
  • First looks at new features
  • Adding sports channel packages
  • Receive Smart Home services
  • Make online payments
  • View billing information
  • View billing history
  • Make changes to your account

If you’re having trouble with your MyDish account and need to pay your bill, there are a handful of other ways to ensure you make your payment on time.

By Western Union or MoneyGram location

Since the company does not have any retail locations, they partnered with Western Union and MoneyGram to enable you to make inperson cash payments. Make sure to bring your account information and cash.

Pay from your television

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Not everyone will be able to utilize this option. Check to see if your TV box is either a Wally or Hopper receiver. If it is, you’re in luck. Simple access “my account” from the main menu of your receiver screen. You can also visit for more detailed instructions.

Pay from your cell phone

This is one of the easiest ways to pay. All you have to to do is text PAY BILL to 34741 to make a payment.

Mail in your payment

This one may seem obvious but you can your invoice can be paid with a personal check and payment coupon. Make sure you mail out your payment with enough time for the mail to be physically delivered and processed.

Did you Know?

The DISH Network started in the 1980s. The beginning of the company was rough. This happened because the cost of launching a new satellite was very high and the need to get millions of subscribers to help pay for it was a huge marketing expense. In fact, there were four large financial failures before the contemporary success.

Those new subscribers to the DISH Network get the benefit of all those early adopters that helped make this satellite dish company the success it is today.

DISH Contact

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