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UPDATED:  April 6, 2021  – is an online system that pulls together all your financial accounts so that you can see your entire budget in one place.

Pick and choose which accounts, bills, and cards you would like to view on your online profile or view them all together at once. They are also able to use information from almost any American financial institution that is accessible online.

How Does Work?

The online budgeting system  automatically updates information from all of your accounts in real time, so that you are up to date on your every financial aspect.

  • View what funds you have access to, and what’s a pending transaction.
  • See your finances represented in pie charts and graphs, to track spending patterns and investments.

The web company also discovers offers that will help you save and budget, such as IRA rollover offers, depending on your lifestyle.

The online bill payment feature lets you pay your bills from your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, whenever and wherever. This way, you can avoid late fees and penalties.

An Expedited Payments feature ensures the bill you’re paying gets the money where it needs to be within one day. You can also select an option to be notified whenever your credit limits are close, or when your bank funds are low. regularly updates its security software, including the third-party security providers TRUSTe Certified Privacy and Norton Secured: Powered by VeriSign.

Setting up your Mint Web Profile

To sign up for a login, start by visiting, and clicking on “Sign Up” at the top right of the homepage. You will be prompted to provide your email, which be your username and a password of your choice.

Then you will be able to select which financial accounts you want to view regularly on your online profile. Each account will be synced in seconds.

Intuit Inc. provides online business solutions for individuals, small businesses, and accountants. The company’s goal is to give people with goals online tools that will help them be proactive.

Intuit began as Quicken personal finance software in 1983, as a program for balancing family checkbooks. Today, Intuit’s flagship products include the tax software TurboTax, Mint, and QuickBooks.

Support can be reached by creating a Contact Mint ticket, at You can also call Customer Service at 1-800-4INTUIT.

Intuit’s company headquarters are located at 2700 Coast Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043.

Login Issues

If you forgot your login or password, please follow the online account recovery steps.

Note: We are not affiliated with this company and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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